West Horndon Wet & Dry Cleaners use the latest in eco friendly technology and aim for the highest in enviormental standards.

Our systems use the latest in eco friendly technology, replacing dry cleaning with a new safer and greener cleaning method, using water as a natural solvent assuring an effective and ecological clean.
The electrolux professional eco friendly equipment and detergents are amazingly effective for the professional cleaning of all types of fabrics and textiles.
We only use biodegradable detergents and cleaning products, with all waste is disposed off into recycling and standard waste in accorandade with the higest EU standards.

The cleaning method is not dependant on harsh chemicals and is more effective and efficient at delivering superior cleaning results with the use of natural biodegradable detergents.
The innovative cleaning solution uses enviromentally friendly products which protects and respects the enviroment, in full compliance with international standards.

The Wet & Dry solution allows us to safely clean your most delicate of clothes whilst preserving the quality of your garments and the enviroment. Perfect cleanliness, fresh smelling and soft to touch.

Our Planet, Our Future